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Building Digital Literacy

We provide discovery and access to the quality learning tutorials that will help you make the most of your digital literacy skills.


Find the help you need - when you need it. We offer a rich collection of online tutorials to help you learn and use:
  • standard workplace and production software applications,
  • provincially licensed OESS K-12 software,
  • "web 2.0" and social media tool sets,
  • the information resources provided by Resource Ontario.



sample applications



In Focus...

Are you an Ontario K-12 educator?

Please note that any time a tutorial covers OESS software (Ontario Educational Software Service), Learn Ontario provides a direct link to the OSAPAC listing of Ontario Curriculum expectations, usage rights and teacher resources. Just click on the  OSAPC  button within the tutorial description.

Does your curriculum follow the International ISTE Educational Technology Standards for Students?

Where these are known, a listing of the applicable ISTE-NETS standards covered by that software are provided. Just click on the  ISTE  button within the tutorial description.

Spot some tutorials where the OSAPAC or ISTE links can be added? Tell us!


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